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Unleashing Leadership
Potential in Law Firms

Realize the leader you are meant to be

“The business world used to rely on Hero Leaders who knew it all and made sure their will prevailed; now the effectiveness of leaders depends on whether they are brave enough to do their inner work.”

– Jill Ader
Former Chair and Partner, Egon Zehnder

Expert legal knowledge and high performance may lead to promotions and successful outcomes in your cases and mandates, but they do not prepare you for becoming a successful leader​ for your firm and for your clients. ​

Successful leaders today are adaptive, relational and self-aware. As today’s world becomes increasingly complex, these three capabilities are just as important as more traditional leadership strengths, such as legal excellence, top-notch strategic skills and relentless performance orientation.

They are even more important for​ the transformation from Senior Associate to Partner and Partner to Senior Partner, which requires a set of skills that go beyond technical expertise and position you as a trusted advisor to your clients.

They are crucial to create conditions for more care and humanity, which in turn bring higher performance, attract future talent and increase retention. It holds true that people leave bosses, not organizations, so law firms should invest in developing human leadership skills.

As a leader in your firm, you have the power to shape its culture and drive its success. By investing in your own development and that of your future leaders, you can create a competitive advantage for your firm in today’s rapidly changing legal landscape.

We offer the following solutions customized for law firms and your specific needs:

Shaping Your Firm’s Culture

Unleash the true potential of your unique heritage and culture: Our approach makes culture tangible, measurable and relatable - enabling us to evolve and transform it.

Develop a “leadership compass”: We partner with you to define a potential and competency framework that defines and unifies critical traits, behaviors and skills of great leaders, and by that bring it to life in your firm.

Discovering Your Future Leaders

Assess future leaders:​ Our approach includes robust evaluation and assessment of their performance, competencies and potential to identify the next generation of Partners and leaders living and evolving your heritage.

Support transition to Partner:​ ​ We help your future Partners know where they are today, what their ambition for the future is and how to get to where they want and need to be tomorrow.

Developing Sustainable Human Leadership

Unlock the full potential of leaders:​ We support your (future) Partners to continue evolving their identities, transforming themselves and building critical competencies while leading successfully in ever more complexity.

Promote collective high performance:​ We ensure that your leadership group becomes more than the sum of their individual parts by having a shared ambition, building connection and trust, as well as creating routines and rituals to foster achievements

Meet our Team

Hugo Nanninga

Global Head Legal, Regulatory & Compliance Practice
Hugo Nanninga, based in London, leads Egon Zehnder’s Global Legal, Regulatory & Compliance Professionals Practice. He has extensive experience advising companies across all sectors on legal professional succession and general development of their legal talent.

Dede Orraca-Cecil

Co-Head Legal, Regulatory & Compliance Practice US
Dede Orraca-Cecil, based in Boston, is a member of Egon Zehnder’s Consumer Practice where serves clients in the Media, Entertainment, and lifestyle industries.

Richard Warren

Co-Head Legal, Regulatory & Compliance Practice US
Rich Warren, based in Atlanta, is active in Egon Zehnder’s Media & Entertainment, Sports, and Legal Consultancy Services practices and co-leads Egon Zehnder’s Legal, Regulatory and Compliance Practice.

Simone Stebler

Head Legal, Regulatory & Compliance Practice Europe
Based in Zurich, Simone Stebler provides leadership advisory services (including executive search, board consulting, talent assessment & development) in the Financial Service industry both at a global as well as a local level.

Fiona McGauchie

Head Legal, Regulatory & Compliance Practice APAC
Based in Melbourne, Fiona McGauchie is a valued advisor on CEO succession, assessment, and development of future leaders and other senior leadership challenges. Her legal background has given her deep expertise in legal, regulatory, and compliance matters as well as CFOs and human resources.

Clemens Fahrbach

Global Head Leadership Advisory Solutions Experts
Clemens Fahrbach is active in Egon Zehnder’s Leadership Services Practice. He is a valued advisor on leadership development, organizational transformation and cultural change at corporations with a particular focus on enabling agile organizations.

Zita Orbok

Global Legal Regulatory & Compliance Practice Specialist and Leadership Advisory Expert
Zita is co-driving Egon Zehnder’s Global Legal, Regulatory and Compliance agenda and leads a global team of experts within the practice. As member of the team in Switzerland, she brings an industry focus on Financial Services. Zita advises clients on leadership assessment and development, diversity and inclusion, team effectiveness and culture transformation.

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